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The Province of Saskatchewan has deemed transportation an essential service of life in rural Saskatchewan. As individuals and families we must obtain groceries, obtain drugs, attend medical appointments, and provides emergency transportation if necessary. Also in essential services such as those working in hospitals, nursing homes, homecare, power supply, telephone service, grocery stores and much more require their vehicles to get to work. Many in essential services use fleet and commercial vehicles during their work whether in the oil patch, ranchers now in calving season, plumbers, electricians, carpenters that make our homes and businesses safe.

Our staff takes pride in providing transportation services and products to you even especially in these tenuous times. Operating with a reduced staff they are performing a rigorous protocol to keep each other and our customers safe. Regardless what brand of vehicle you drive or where it was purchased our staff want to keep you safe and do their very best to keep your vehicle operating. Your mobility is our job.

Mal and Andy would like to thank the other essential services for providing us with the necessities to allow people to remain in their homes. In particular to thank our health care workers working under the direct cloud of the COVID-19 Virus. Let us not forget the many businesses that have closed completely for the time being and the financial stress and the anguish those people are experiencing to protect us all.

We want to thank our staff for the understanding of what we are up against, their commitment to our community, but especially the caring, respect and selflessness they have shown to each other during this stressful time. It is an emotional time recognizing the need for many of our staff to stay home, and some to work, all to keep each other, and their families and their community safe.


The sun will come out … tomorrow!

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